Champagne Gang was founded in 2012 as a collaborative, experiential group of artists dedicated to making money as well as positive change. Our incredible live performances have grabbed the attention of audiences all across the country. Fundamentally, Champagne Gang is a lifestyle as well as a loosely defined but tightly-knit group of artists and friends who collaborate artistically and musically, create innovative, inspiring moments, and are constantly at work developing new products, recorded work, merchandise, and ways to spread the word.

Champagne Gang is a way to live large without the negativity. We represent artists who are fundamentally ready for positive change to act as a counterpoint to the negative, destructive, ego-maniacal energy of much of the rap world as it stands. The destructive energy of the culture of poverty and perpetuation of violent acts is not something which has a place with us.

So who are we? We’re musicians and entrepreneurs first, everything else second. First and foremost, Champagne Gang makes events happen. A business as well as a collaborative group, our work strives toward a kind of rebellion without bloodshed against the status quo which is tearing our communities apart from the ground up. We are an artistic alternative, a revolution of the mind.

If you have comments or questions regarding our work, or would like Champagne Gang to have a show at your venue or space please feel free to contact us.


Who are we? We are what we do.
~ Anonymous

The true warrior is victorious without fighting.
~ Sun Tzu