champagn_gang_white_shirtBefore anything else, Conrad was a teller of stories. Apprenticed in the darkest violence, a ghost in a world that didn’t want him, he started with the simplest of tools. A chance encounter as a young man gave him the weapons to work toward the next step—a computer and a microphone changed his life. They became weapons to do good—tools for the people to believe in. But this belief originated in himself.

It is an impossible task to create positive change if first one doesn’t believe it is possible. Rather than show his dismay at the sour hand dealt him, Conrad gathered his tools and went to work—his belief in flexibility, in open-mindedness, has never faltered.

Conrad is a warrior, then. We each have our battles. His are against the mindless materialism of the streets, where people live in self-disgust and poverty but wear the finest clothes they can buy, against the violence and egotism of street conflict and gang life. While he recognizes all these things have come from something, he knows these harsh stones stacked up form roads which lead only in circles.

His sound is inspired by Tupac, Eminem, T.I, and Chamillionaire. It has been described as ‘addictive’, ‘pop-accessible,’ ‘hook-laden’ and ‘radio-ready.’ It is work with an edge, balanced by his intense love for struggling communities and his dream to elevate the spirits of other kids hoping to defeat the hardships of the streets. It is work with a reason, poised to take the streets by storm.

Too often hip hop artist carry the hardships of their background into their art,
Lashing out at the world and casting a negative influence into the very communities which idolize them. Enter Conrad, a hip hop star in the making whose positive influence and community-uplifting goals shine on despite his troubled upbringing.

As an adolescence Conrad was bounced around throughout various locations all around the world. Through his childhood, Conrad grew up around low income/violent first he got caught up in all that mess. Till he got tired of getting in trouble because he wasn’t going no where with it but one road, dead or in jail.

Using a friend’s gift of an inexpensive microphone and some computer recording software, Conrad was born from a mixtape made with friends and passed around at school. The attention he received from the mixtape was addictive, and eventually he moved to NYC to pursue music seriously as a career. The relocation to NYC resulted in a barrage of showcases, after which he caught the interest of producer Undadog Gardner, who has worked as a producer for members of the Dogg Pound and had a hand in beats for Uncle Murder of Def Jam, And also other industry personals. Conrad later left Undadog and traveled around the world chasing his dream.